The Glorification of Being So Busy

I’ve been secretly listening in on conversations people are having. And I’ve noticed a trend: everyone is convinced that they are so busy – more so than the next person. It seems that somehow, as a culture, we’ve all agreed that this busy-ness is a sign of status; a positive thing in our lives.  …

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Why You Should Always Charge for Health Coaching Services

Do Not Hesitate to Charge for Health Coaching Health coaches tend to be givers. We’re often the people our friends and family have always gone to for advice, and we’ve always freely given it away. Because of that, we hesitate to charge for health coaching. Often, it doesn’t feel right to start charging for something…

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8 Productivity Hacks for Health Coaches

Using a few productivity hacks can take your coaching business to a new level before you know it. Believe me, I know how it is starting a health coaching business. You’re juggling family, friends, old job, new business, and hopefully self-care. You think you can do it all. You think you have to do it…

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Three Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Health Coaching Practice

A nutrition school student recently asked me: should I start a health coaching practice? This person is passionate about health, but she was also keenly aware that starting a health coaching practice wasn’t as easy as some make it out to be. Honestly, it’s a question I think we should be asking more often! In…

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How to get more done in less time

Get more done in less time

When first starting a coaching practice, it feels like there is so much to get done with not enough time to do it. It becomes apparent that you need to get more done in less time, but can be hard to know how to prioritize your tasks. However, prioritizing your tasks is critical to creating…

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How to make a living as a health coach

How to Make a Living for Health Coaches

As 2017 winds down, I’m thinking about what I can create and offer in 2018 that’s helpful to health coaches. There is a question that I hear from health coaches over and over again: “Can I actually make a living doing this work?” The answer is absolutely! But it helps to see how other coaches…

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How Running a Cleanse Supports Your Self-Care

How running a cleanse supports your self-care

Are you thinking about running a cleanse? Has getting your coaching practice in full swing led to you neglecting your self-care? Well, then I have a win/win proposition for you.   I first got into the health and wellness industry because I was passionate about taking great care of myself, and my loved ones. Whenever I read a…

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Should you add a group program to your coaching practice?

Group Program

Over the last few weeks, many of my clients have been asking me whether they should add a group program to their practice. As I dig deeper with them, this question is almost always a variation of the most common question I get. “How can I find more clients?” Finding new clients is the biggest…

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Running a business when you have a chronic illness

Health Coach with Chronic Illness

I initially became a health coach because I was really, really sick.   I want to share a personal story with you today, one I don’t often talk about publicly. It’s the story of a chronic health condition I struggle with. How over the last few years I’ve had to juggle my health with running…

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Building Community for Health Coaches

Building community

You may have noticed that I’m a big believer in building community. For most of us, learning how to run our own coaching practices can feel overwhelming and isolating. My favorite solution for moments of doubt is to immerse myself in community. In fact, I believe that being connected to a community of your colleagues and peers is…

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