Building Community for Health Coaches

Building community

You may have noticed that I’m a big believer in building community. For most of us, learning how to run our own coaching practices can feel overwhelming and isolating. My favorite solution for moments of doubt is to immerse myself in community. In fact, I believe that being connected to a community of your colleagues and peers is one of the biggest predictors of success as an entrepreneur. So, are we friends yet?


Building community is one of my super powers.


I believe deep in my bones that without each other, we have nothing. That’s why I want to invite you to join me and hundreds of other health coaches in our private Facebook group.


It can feel daunting to start a business, especially one in the health and wellness field. It’s hard to find support from friends and family because, even though they mean well. They don’t really get what you do.


The Health Coach Uprising Facebook group is a place you can go for support as you start and grow your practice. There are hundreds of other health and wellness professionals there. They’ll cheer you on as you succeed, and help pick you back up when things don’t quite work out. There’s nothing like a (virtual) hug from someone who really gets it when you’re feeling low.


Our community is one of our super powers. Come join over 1300 health coaches in our Facebook group. This is a place we can connect and share what’s happening in our businesses. I spend a lot of time in the group answering questions. I pop in often with Facebook Lives, and share my thoughts on best practices for building profitable coaching practices.


If you haven’t yet, come join the conversation. Just click this link and then ask to join the group. Be sure to answer the two questions when prompted, and that’s it. We’d love to have you!

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