Why You Should Always Charge for Health Coaching Services

Do Not Hesitate to Charge for Health Coaching

Health coaches tend to be givers. We’re often the people our friends and family have always gone to for advice, and we’ve always freely given it away. Because of that, we hesitate to charge for health coaching. Often, it doesn’t feel right to start charging for something we’ve done for free for years. But, you have made a switch to doing this work as a career. You need to live off the work you’re doing. Unless this is a hobby for you, you need to at least replace your current or previous income.

5 Reasons You Need to Charge for Health Coaching

1. People value what costs them money.

Higher prices cause people to assume an item is more valuable. Did you know that people think wine tastes better when it has a higher price tag? How much value will they put on your advice if it’s free? When you charge for services, people will have more confidence in your ability to help them.

2. You have value.

You’re putting time and effort into your coaching relationships. You’ve spent thousands of dollars on getting a certification. And, you’ve probably put endless hours of your own time into reading books and watching summits. You have a ton information in that head of yours that people need and want to hear. That makes you an expert. Experts charge for their services.

3. Devaluing yourself devalues the whole industry.

Consider those coaches you’ve looked up to over the years. You know, the ones making incredible online programs or creating product lines that change the way people feed their families. Do they deserve to make a good living? What about the people you went to school with that have incredible ideas, but can’t implement them without startup funds? We are a fringe industry with a lot of potential. But, when one of us doesn’t charge for services, it makes it harder for the rest of us to live up to that potential.

4. Charging for services helps you avoid burnout.

Being a health coach is hard work. Rarely do we just sit down with someone, give some advice, and walk away. Coaching often involves researching a condition, putting together meals plans and recipes, and often carrying the emotional burden of a client’s situation. Undercharging brings the added weight of worrying about paying bills and working extra jobs. Charge appropriately for your time so you have the opportunity to recharge with some self-care.

5. You Offer a Huge Return on Investment.

Sit down and make a list of all the things you have to offer. What are the benefits of working with you? For example, weight loss, fertility, blood sugar balancing, confidence, energy. Depending on your expertise, the list can go on and on. Now, how much money will a person save in the long term by reversing pre-diabetes? How much more money can they potentially make with their increased energy? How much is self-confidence worth? Suddenly it seems like you can hardly charge enough!

You have an incredible service to offer the world, and there are so many people out there looking for exactly what you offer. Charging a fair price for your services empowers that relationship to be successful. Many health coaches love what we do so much that we’d do it for free. That’s what makes it the dream job. But, when we don’t adequately charge we do a disservice to our clients, ourselves and our fellow health coaches.

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