How to make a living as a health coach

How to Make a Living for Health Coaches

As 2017 winds down, I’m thinking about what I can create and offer in 2018 that’s helpful to health coaches.

There is a question that I hear from health coaches over and over again: “Can I actually make a living doing this work?”

The answer is absolutely!

But it helps to see how other coaches have done this, right?

In 2016, I interviewed a group of health coaches who are making money as health coaches. We dug deep into different styles of coaching, and discussed group programs versus private coaching. We shed light on what really works when it comes to marketing.

I’ve pulled five of these interviews that I think are particularly relevant as we look forward to 2018. Over the next few weeks I’m going to share them with you. There’s no fee, no opt-in, just a chance for you to learn from your peers. These are open and unscripted conversations where we just put it all out there, mistakes and all. We want to give you the opportunity to learn as much as possible from our experiences.

The first video isn’t technically an interview. It’s a class that I’ve taught several times on how you can make $50K as a health coach. If you’re just getting started, or if you haven’t hit this revenue goal yet, be sure to watch to see how I map it out.

Watch How to Make Your First $50K as a Health Coach here.

Keep an eye out for more videos like this in the next few weeks, and be sure to let me know what you think. If you have specific things you’d like to learn in 2018, let me know that too – I’m all ears, leave a comment below.

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