The 3 Letter Word That Will Help You Get Unstuck

Get unstuck

Do you need to get unstuck?   With the possible exception of parenting, running a business is a personal growth exercise like none I’ve ever encountered. When we do work that requires personal growth – and trust me, running a business requires it – it’s inevitable that we’ll find ourselves bumping up against some of our biggest fears and…

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The Starfish Story, and how you can make a difference

Make a difference

There’s no question that the world feels chaotic and unpredictable, and often we’re left wondering how we can make a difference. It’s scary to read the news and hear about natural disasters, war, and the suffering of fellow people. There are days when I struggle to process the tragedies that are occurring. I feel overwhelmed with…

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The Only Question You Should Be Asking

What to ask if you're health coaching

Maybe this will sound familiar to you if you own a health coaching business… On Tuesday night, as we were driving home from vacation, my mind turned to business. This often happens when I’m not specifically focused on something. I spend a lot of time thinking about health coaching, best business practices, and how to…

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Women Are Flocking to Alternative Health Practitioners. Here’s Why.

Alternative health practitioners

Over the weekend, I shared an article in my private Facebook group for health and wellness coaches that really struck a nerve. The article was about how women are flocking to alternative health practitioners because the traditional medicine community doesn’t listen to them. You can read it here.   I was drawn to the article because I am…

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How to Write Newsletters that Get Read

How to write newsletters

Newsletters can be a source of struggle and frustration for many business owners. Tell me if any of these sound familiar:   You spend hours crafting a thoughtful, well-informed message, but nobody reads it. Or, you don’t get any feedback.  You write draft after draft, but you never hit send because you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, wondering…

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The Three Things Successful Coaches do Differently

What successful coaches do differently

I distinctly remember when I first started health coaching. I had just graduated from my nutrition school, and I desperately wanted to be one of those successful coaches they highlighted. It didn’t help that my then-fiance, family, and friends kept telling me, “if anyone can make this work, it’s you!” I know they were being supportive,…

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Are You Giving Up Too Soon?

Enroll clients

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of conversations about the best ways to enroll clients. I’ll be perfectly honest: some of these conversations have involved tears and flat out frustration because so many coaches feel that although they’re doing everything they can, they just can’t seem to enroll clients at the rate they want.  …

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How to Respond to an Unhappy Client

How to respond to an unhappy client

How do you respond to an unhappy client? Recently a client contacted me because she had received a nasty email from someone who had signed up for her detox program. I’ll be honest – the message was pretty mean, and even I had a moment of “ouch, that stings!” while reading it, even though it…

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The Surprising Mistake That’s Stalling Your Business

Solve problems in your coaching business

There are a lot of things that can keep you from moving forward with your business. There’s one that I see a lot of coaches making, but no one’s really talking about. Could you be making this critical yet easily fixable mistake in your business that’s keeping you from moving forward? Read on to learn how…

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What to Do When It Feels Like the Universe Is Against You

coaching business

I’m going to be totally honest with you. It’s been a rough week and a half trying to find time to run my coaching business. Here’s what’s been going on: My son, husband and I have all had a stomach virus. It was one of those where as soon as one of us got healthy…

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