How Running a Cleanse Supports Your Self-Care

I first got into the health and wellness industry because I was passionate about taking great care of myself, and my loved ones. Whenever I read a magazine, I always flipped to the health section to read about why almonds were better than peanuts, or quick workouts to build upper body strength. I’m not the only one, right?


Imagine my surprise when my self-car took a nose-dive when I started my health coaching practice. Much like the cobbler’s children having no shoes, I let my own health needs take a back seat while I was busy doing research for clients and working on my business.


The honest truth is that becoming a health coach led me to being the unhealthiest I had been in years. I felt stressed all the time, I knew my business wasn’t working, and I was stress eating to cope. I was juggling too much and couldn’t see a way out.


What I discovered was that I wasn’t running my business the right way, or at least what turned out to be the right way for me. I had been searching for clients everywhere, and after having an initial influx of private coaching clients, it took longer than I expected to build a solid network and bring in more clients. It turned out that people wanted to work with me, but they didn’t want to commit to a high investment coaching program.


When I added a short cleanse program to my practice, everything changed.


All of a sudden, I had regular income! I had clients coming to me, instead of the other way around. My newsletter list was steadily growing, and my clients were absolutely raving about the program. Once I had a system in place that allowed me to earn an income, I was able to relax and prioritize my own health again.


Adding short cleanse programs to YOUR practice will support your own self-care by:


  1. Giving you predictable income. More than anything, this is absolutely key in succeeding as a business person. No more sitting at your desk wondering where you’ll find your next client – when you run a short cleanse program like the one offered in Detox Done, you’ll know exactly when you’re offering your next program – and you’ll have a good guess of how much you’ll earn.


  1. Helping you understand when it’s go-time. As entrepreneurs, it feels like we always have to be ON, and that’s just exhausting. When you offer a short cleanse program that has a dedicated start and end date (like I recommend in Detox Done) you’ll know when your workload will be hectic, and when you can plan for vacations and downtime.


  1. You can let go of the stress of not knowing what to do and when to do it. Detox Done gives you a clear calendar of how to run a launch, when to offer it, and how to follow-up with your clients. It’s like hitting the easy button for running your own program.


Running group programs can feel daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. With Detox Done, you’ll get all the materials I used to create my thriving detox program, including the protocols, recipes, and even all the marketing tools I used. Even better, you’ll get to join the Detox Done member community – nearly 200 health coaches who are showing up, doing the work, getting great results, and supporting the heck out of each other.


I’d love to help you figure out if Detox Done is the right program for you. Simply post your questions in the comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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