The 3 Letter Word That Will Help You Get Unstuck

Get unstuck

Do you need to get unstuck?


With the possible exception of parenting, running a business is a personal growth exercise like none I’ve ever encountered. When we do work that requires personal growth – and trust me, running a business requires it – it’s inevitable that we’ll find ourselves bumping up against some of our biggest fears and blocks. Many people describe this experience as being “stuck.” And how to get unstuck is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients.


Being stuck often shows up as procrastination or overthinking a simple project. Or not being sure what to do when you finally sit down to work. No matter what the root cause, this form of ‘stuckness’ tends to bring the work we want to do to a screeching halt.


If you’ve ever felt stuck, it simply means you’re growing. That’s the good news, and it makes you normal in the world of entrepreneurship. The bad news is that being stuck rarely resolves itself, which means it will take a bit of work to get unstuck.


I’d like to simplify that process for you.


I’m a strong believer in adopting a learning mindset when you start your business. For so many people, becoming an entrepreneur is a brand new experience. It’s one that is self-taught for most of us. And for some reason, many of believe that we are supposed to make it work immediately. When it doesn’t, we decide that we’re complete failures and that we’ll never be able to make it work. (Sound familiar?)


It’s a strange thing to do, isn’t it? There are very few other situations in life where we’re able to achieve mastery on our first try. Even when we’re learning to walk as children we make mistakes and fall down often before mastering a skill that we now do without even thinking about it.


Why should learning to work for yourself be any different?


​​​​​​​The solution to this conundrum is to go back to that beginner’s mindset, to allow yourself to make mistakes, learn, and grow. And the best way to do that is by adding a simple 3 letter word to the statements you tell yourself about why your business won’t work: the word yet.


Simply adding the word “yet” to these statements can have a huge impact on how long you’re stuck and paralyzed. ​​​​​​​Some of the most common challenges I hear from health coaches can easily shift into a beginners mindset:


I have no idea where to start…yet.


​​​​​​​I have no idea how to find clients…yet.


I don’t understand the technology…yet.


​​​​​​​I’m not sure I can help my clients…yet.


I can’t figure out how to juggle all the moving pieces…yet.


Allowing yourself to come from the beginner’s mindset is so powerful. It creates tons of space to move and grow and get unstuck. And, it allows room for mistakes, which so often are simply opportunities for learning, especially when we’re first starting out.


When you add the word ‘yet’ to the end of these statements, it creates a complete shift in mindset and approach. Of course you don’t have all the pieces figured out yet. You haven’t done this before! It also assumes that you CAN can learn how to start, and then how to grow, and then how to get better. You aren’t an expert at running your business…yet. But I have no doubts that you can get there.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.


  • Patricia A. Compean

    Reply Reply November 17, 2017

    Thank you for writing this article, it is so helpful, I do not feel scared as much and alone. I was thinking “how did I lose my focus and my determination? However, I have felt overwhelmed and stuck, thinking I was a mess. I like “Yet”. I am a work in progress!

    • Julia Sarver

      Reply Reply November 22, 2017

      Hi Patricia! I’m so glad to hear this article was helpful for you. I completely hear what you are saying regarding feeling alone. Working for yourself is so isolating! This is why I’m a huge fan of connecting with other people in your industry via networking, masterminds, and even online groups. I facilitate a group for health coaches on Facebook – it’s a great place to connect with others, get feedback, and feel like you’re part of the community. I’d love to have you join us if you’re interested, you can do that here:

      And yes, we are all works in progress! It’s a good thing, right? 🙂

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