Women Are Flocking to Alternative Health Practitioners. Here’s Why.

Alternative health practitioners

Over the weekend, I shared an article in my private Facebook group for health and wellness coaches that really struck a nerve. The article was about how women are flocking to alternative health practitioners because the traditional medicine community doesn’t listen to them. You can read it here.


I was drawn to the article because I am one of the many women who have turned to alternative health practitioners.


Years ago, I found myself incredibly sick after running a marathon. I was falling asleep after dinner and couldn’t get up in the morning. Running even a mile wasn’t possible, let alone the 26.2 required for the marathon I had just completed. I had strange abdominal pains, and I just felt miserable.


I talked to my regular doctor and my gynecologist about these symptoms. Both brushed me off. They told me my labs were fine. My gynecologist even suggested that what I really needed was behavioral therapy. (What?!)


The reality? I’m hyper sensitive to wheat, and my hormones are a little wacky. Changing what I eat and managing my stress have had tremendous impacts on my health. Now, I feel better now at 38 than I ever did in my 20s.


This conversation is important because so many coaches question wonder whether there’s enough room for them in the marketplace.


They wonder if they can actually help people with the training they’ve received.


The answer is a resounding YES! I believe we CAN help women (and men!) learn how to pay attention to their bodies and make different choices in the kitchen. As health and wellness coaches, our role is to help with habit change, and frankly, that’s the hardest part of this process. There IS room for you – and for thousands of other health coaches. The world needs us.


Take a moment to read the article, and then let me know what you think – I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter!

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