How to get more done in less time

Get more done in less time

When first starting a coaching practice, it feels like there is so much to get done with not enough time to do it. It becomes apparent that you need to get more done in less time, but can be hard to know how to prioritize your tasks. However, prioritizing your tasks is critical to creating…

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How to make a living as a health coach

How to Make a Living for Health Coaches

As 2017 winds down, I’m thinking about what I can create and offer in 2018 that’s helpful to health coaches. There is a question that I hear from health coaches over and over again: “Can I actually make a living doing this work?” The answer is absolutely! But it helps to see how other coaches…

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The Only Question You Should Be Asking

What to ask if you're health coaching

Maybe this will sound familiar to you if you own a health coaching business… On Tuesday night, as we were driving home from vacation, my mind turned to business. This often happens when I’m not specifically focused on something. I spend a lot of time thinking about health coaching, best business practices, and how to…

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The Surprising Mistake That’s Stalling Your Business

Solve problems in your coaching business

There are a lot of things that can keep you from moving forward with your business. There’s one that I see a lot of coaches making, but no one’s really talking about. Could you be making this critical yet easily fixable mistake in your business that’s keeping you from moving forward? Read on to learn how…

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The #1 Question I Ask my Clients

client success

As health coaches, our priority is client success. Because we are so excited about sharing our knowledge, we can sometimes forget a key first step that makes all the difference in whether our clients feel successful in working with us or not. (And it has nothing to do with how much we know about nutrition.)…

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