Detox Done Detox Done is a complete done-for-you detox system that includes everything you need to run a successful detox program from pre-launch tips, marketing tools, email launch sequences, all the detox materials, and ideas for how to follow-up with clients so they’ll come back time and time again. This program allowed me to serve over 800 detox clients and built a profitable health coaching business.

One-on-One Private Mentorship I work with a small number of focused, dedicated health coaches by taking a look into what’s happening in their business and helping them develop strategies to connect with more people, build their client list, and keep more of the money they are making. If you’re looking for someone who can mentor you in your business strategy with practical, experience-driven advice, please email me at

Partner Programs

The School of Applied Functional Medicine is an online school which offers practical, online, advanced training in functional medicine concepts for both health coaches and a wide variety of medical practitioners who use the modality of coaching, including health coaches, nurses, nurse practitioners, therapists, and physicians.

Classes are taught by Tracy Harrison, a wildly successful health coach and a functional medicine educator and mentor. In her own health coaching practice, Tracy and her team have helped hundreds of individuals (with a wide variety of chronic diseases and inflammatory symptoms) to discover, understand, and unwind the actual root causes of imbalance and dysfunction in their unique bodies. She built and has maintained a full practice with a waiting list for many years. A certification in Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching™ is also available.

Tools for Teaching Toxicity™ In Nutrition school, most of us learn about fats, proteins, micronutrients, and digestion. But there’s one critical missing piece that we aren’t discussing, and that’s environmental toxins. Whether you’re running a detox or a cleanse, or working with clients around weight gain or thyroid disorders, this 30-day training is an essential “tool” for your coaching practice.

Blueprint for a Healthy Life In this deep dive, you’ll explore the unexpected places environmental toxins hide in your home. Learn what’s REALLY in that heart-healthy fish you’re eating and how (and why!) you need the right filter to address the contaminants that are in your water supply. In this 90-day training, you’ll examine the areas of your life where there are opportunities to become “less toxic” and be in greater alignment with your already healthy lifestyle. This training is a must-have for coaches who want a deeper understanding of chemical toxicity and greater ability to speak to clients about how to make these changes.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition In 2009, I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and my life was forever changed. If you’re passionate about health and wellness, and you’d love to have a career that allows you the freedom to live the life you want while you’re changing the world, check out IIN. Have questions about this program? Feel free to email me at to set up a time to chat.

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